Guest Blog by Cheryllyn Dyess – Self-publishing Company VS Self-Publishing (totally yourself)


Self-publishing Company VS Self-Publishing (totally yourself)

                 Author Cheryllynn DyessAbout a year ago I started out with a book – as many authors do! Well, what does an author do from there…ok, so I have this book now how to get it out into the world to share. I had never written a book, much less try to market it. What do I need to do? Who do I talk to? How long does it take? How much money is involved? Will it be successful (of course that definition is determined by each individual)? Does it need more work?  Nerves will unravel quickly. My best answers are NETWORK and ASK everyone.  Social media is our friend when we use it wisely!!! Personally, I use Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Goodreads, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

                 Here is my journey…. First, let me say this is frightening, so many things to consider that almost immediately you feel your stomach knot. I started out by researching several self-publishing companies. Wow, there are hundreds and hundreds – consider pricing; packages;  budget;  what you want done as far as hard cover, soft cover, e-book; copyrights; marketing considerations and the list can go on forever. So after about a month of researching and not feeling secure enough to do this without the help of professionals I chose my publishing company.  I felt confident my choice was good. Their package offered what I was looking for and within my budget.  I got the copyright to the book and all rights even if I canceled my contract with them. I was paid quarterly with a detailed report. Their company reviews were good, as well.

                I signed a contract for three years with the company and began my journey. They were attentive, professional, and timely. They did a great job with putting my book into a look I was pleased with and quickly getting it into the market. But with all the money spent and the very minimal marketing done I was not making enough from the sales to cover my costs. Whoa!!! My budget was spent and very little money was coming in… Time to re-evaluate.  So I did!!!

                Recently (as in the last two months), I canceled the contract with the company and maintained all rights to my work. Okay great…now what. Well, I chose to give a facelift to my work – I wanted more! If I was going to go solo it was going to shine with my creativity and passion. So I started looking around at other authors covers and started asking for advice or direction on where to get a great cover done that would not break the bank. Networking has proven to be my best friend in this stage of the journey.  Use every social media you are a part of and ask all those whose work and material you like – that way you are getting advice in a direction you already like. I can say with great joy that I found an amazing woman on Facebook through a mutual author friend who is currently creating my new cover for Calastan (originally called Jein’s Journey Calastan).  I purchased two photos from, sent them to her, and now she is doing her magic to create the vision I described to her.

                Calastan is being edited to help correct errors I missed previously, added some extras in the book and at the end, and the cover of course will draw you in and the words will not let you go! I will be re-publishing Calastan soon on Amazon through CreateASpace – this go round my expenses are minimal and the profit will be seen quickly (I just know it)! This is only part of my journey I still have so much further to go ~ thank you for joining along. I hope my experience and advice can help someone out there…Happy Writing!!! Oh, my last piece of advice…NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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