Lauren Lynne and The Secret Watchers Series


I am thrilled to announce that the fifth and final book in The Secret Watchers series is well underway AND that all of The Secret Watchers books will now be available under Lauren Lynne.  IF you have one with Lauren Klever on the cover… not to worry!  My friend, you are now the proud owner of a collector’s item!!!

Visions is back as an eBook with Lauren Lynne as the author at all retailers.

Whispers is back in eBook form at nearly all retailers and Insights will be down temporarily as the conversion proceeds.  I just approved the new cover today!

All three books were re-edited for the occasion – there are NO major story line or plot changes just a few little cosmetic ones.

Hang on tight dear reader… book five – Owen’s final chapter is on its way!!!

eBook Cover Visions by Lauren Lynneebook Cover Whispers by Lauren LynneeBook Cover Insights by Lauren Lynne

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