Guest Post by the Wonderful Myron Stenzel


A Guest Post Poem by the Wonderful Myron Stenzel!

My Arms Are Wings, The Ocean is My Sky
White sands before my eyes stretch for miles along the sea shore.
Endless possibilities are countless as the shells scattered by the waves, my imagination couldn’t ask for anything more.
This strip of sand reminds me of a runway and my body is an explorer’s albatross seaplane.
I sit with my engine roaring on the threshold markings of the beach with no one around to call me insane.
I extend my arms away from my fuselage body as my feet begin to stir.
Sending myself in motion, I take off on a jog; in my mind, I’m racing down the sandy strip in a split second blur.
Feeling the wind rustle through my sleeves as I gain altitude on my aerial nautical quest.
I turn towards the waves of the ocean and visualize the albatross being pushed to the ultimate in aviation’s test.
I dip and sway along with the currents and the rising tide.
Ease and calmness grace my heart while I enjoy my oceanic ride.
My feet dance and skip in the water as the albatross pretends to land near a tropical island.
My arms are down by my side as the explorer in me reaches into the sea trying to discover something I want to learn and understand.
I pull from the depths of the waters a treasure chest in the form of a conch shell.
My imagination boards the seaplane once again, bringing back a nautical gem and my tales of triumph for stories to tell.
I tip my wings over the waters I have explored out of respect to the blue and majestic deep.
My treasures taken are the memories of my imaginary flight, forever will I keep.
My playfulness comes to an end when I land back in reality bidding adieu to the albatross which gave me a sea salt high.
My arms are wings, the ocean is my sky.
-Myron J Stenzel
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