About Lauren Lynne


About Lauren Lynne:

Lauren Lynne is a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher. She now works as an Educational Knowledge and Technical Services Consultant. She earned MS degrees in both Science Education and Curriculum and Instruction. She has published six highly-rated young adult novels and has multiple projects in the works.

When Lauren isn’t chasing her goofy golden retriever around, she’s spending time with her family, writing, reading, gardening, or hiking around Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, or the Oregon Coast with her camera. Yep, she loves to take pictures of scenery. Although not very adventurous in real life, she loves suspense, intrigue, and action when it comes to reading, writing, and film.

Want More Information?

I really don’t think I’m interesting enough to warrant a full biography so I’ll make you a list of some other facts. Adjusts glasses, tightens ponytail, pushes up sleeves, and takes a deep breath for fortitude.

  1. My hair is only blond when it is chemically enhanced.
  2. Over the years, I have taught kindergarten through sixth-grade students in the elementary setting, middle school English and social studies, and high school science. I have a special love for third through fifth-grade students.
  3. I always try to see the best in others.
  4. I love the Oregon coast and I am especially fond of Cannon Beach.
  5. I was born and raised near Portland, Oregon, but I have also lived in Washington, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois.
  6. I actually like yardwork. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I love it when my yard looks groomed, pretty, and welcoming.
  7. I wanted to be an ice-skater or a biomedical engineer when I grew up.
  8. Me in five words: nerdy, doer, shy, upbeat, gardener.
  9. My motto is: Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best self.
  10. I am known as a mediator, counselor, and problem-solver among my friends and family.

Wow, you’re still here and you want to know more?

Other works in progress include a fantasy novel and two different middle-grade stories in various stages of completion. Creating stories for the young and young at heart is a perfect fit for me since I love to teach curious learners, and I am, after all, a big kid who just looks like a grown-up. I still brainstorm with my friends, parents, and my boys, who have grown into adults during my writing career; like their mom though, it’s just on the outside.

Some of my favorite reads over the years have been:  Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunters and Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, cozy mysteries, Little House on the Prairie, Dragonlance, Heralds of Valdemar, and Alex Rider books. All of these have had their part in inspiring me to write and publish The Secret Watchers series and my future works. My wish is for readers to have nearly as much fun reading them as I’ve had writing them. If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you may recognize several of the locations that Owen and some of my other characters visit because if I’ve lived it – in reality or virtually – it’s in there!

My wish is for you, the reader, have at least half as much fun and connection to these characters as I have. These books are for my family, friends, students, and mentors. Big hugs for you all! We can be better – together! Relax, enjoy, and dream big! Only you know what your tomorrows can hold!

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