Destiny, The Secret Watchers, book five Cover!


Destiny, The Secret Watchers, book five. Owen’s final adventure!

Destiny Cover!

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Lexile Scores for The Secret Watchers


For those who are interested in the Lexile ratings for The Secret Watchers series…

Average Lexile score from 3 – 1,000 word samples of text.

Whispers (550 – 730) = 647L

Insights (600 – 930) = 757L

Perceptions (630 – 830) = 707L

This is why I love to write! Review by Myron Stenzel


This is why I love to write!   There is nothing as wonderful in this world as touching the life of another and making them feel something!

Review by Myron Stenzel
Jan 09, 2015 Myron Stenzel rated it 5 of 5 stars
“When I read this story, I visioned myself growing up in a way. I was an “outcast” in the popular crowd in school. Always struggling to find my way due to living in a small town and not a lot of options on how one “fits” in to a society. Though I still consider myself an outcast in some way due to societies harsh criticism of those who explore their passions to succeed or find their way in life.
I connected with Owen on so many levels in this story. I felt the Author’s passion in fantasy.
I look forward to the next book in this series.
Very impressed. A MUST !!”

Myron is also an author. Learn more about him at: Myron Stenzel Keep The Light

You Can Get Copies of The Secret Watchers Series Direct from BookBaby!


I am pleased to announce that you can get your eBook copy of The Secret Watchers series direct from BookBaby!

eBook Cover Visions by Lauren Lynneebook Cover Whispers by Lauren LynneeBook Cover Insights by Lauren Lynne

Perceptions book four of The Secret Watchers