The Social Media Diet


I saw a picture of a mug today…              Melissa Foster's photo via Facebook.

Melissa Foster’s photo via Facebook.

The first thought that came to my mind was that social media control and dieting are a lot the same.  Unlike other addictions that you can just quit, eating is something you have to do and this is what makes diets difficult.  You can’t completely cut out food so you are constantly exposed to the thing you want.  Social media is the same way for the independent author.  We need to be on social media  to reach out to our fans but it can be a huge time suck.  You start reading and pretty quick you’ve burned hours.  What happened to my writing time?  Oh yeah… I didn’t get in and get out.  So what do I suggest?  Set a timer.  Yeah, it’s childish but darned if it doesn’t work.  Or only let yourself answer a certain number of Tweeps or Facebook comments a day.  Pick one or two where you will have a strong presence.  You do not have to do it all but while you’re there be sure to be warm, friendly and genuine.  Best of luck and happy dieting.  Did I really just say that?